How To Make The Most Delicious Gourmet Rawfood In Under 10 Mins WITHOUT Complicated Recipes Or Fancy Ingredients And Avoid A Messy Kitchen!
Dear Friend,

In the next few minutes, I'll show you how to effortlessly make the world's most delicious raw food even if your cooking skills are basic...

These recipes are for those who don't want boring food, celebrate eating and want to avoid wasting time or money.

We're not going to spend hours in the kitchen and we won't use those fancy ingredients that nobody knows.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but let me explain:

With my brand-new Gourmet Raw Food Chef Course that’s taking the world by storm…

It’s never been easier.
But first, allow me to properly introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Aurora Ray.
I'm a coach, health-expert, author, founder of The Rawvolutionist Academy and master-chef. My passion is rawfood...
Today I'm happy to say that I cracked the "raw food-code".

My goal was to create raw food that would neither taste nor look raw or vegan.

Also, the whole procedure wasn't allowed to take more than 10 mins.

And fancy ingredients I didn't like either.

I can't stand cleaning up a messy kitchen.

And recipes with countless many ingredients 
are too much for my brain, my patience and my digestion.
Finally, I had enough and decided to take things into my own hands.
But Before I Reveal My Outstanding Recipes, I Would Like To Share A Personal Story About How And Why I Created These Recipes For You.
I was raised by my Persian parents in Germany and when I was about 14 years old I started cooking. I loved baking and never utilized a single recipe. There was no internet back then in the 90s so I had to be creative. I made up recipes in my mind and they would turn out amazing.
My mother abandoned me when I was 14 years old. This emotionally traumatic experience caused a void I was trying to fill with food. I was an emotional eater and totally sugar addicted.

I was chubby, always tired, had no focus, no discipline, and a very low self-esteem. Later in life I got horrible acne, too...

For years I was looking for a diet that would help me and I took so many cooking and nutrition courses that ultimately I had become a great chef.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, an outstanding American physician and New York Times best-selling author, "Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine."
Both substances do the exact same thing. They hijack your brain and order you around.
I was getting older and still had to overcome my sugar addiction so that I didn't have to fight my never ending appetite, my cravings, my fatigue and weight problems anymore.

I really wanted to be able to stop eating things that made me sick and took all my energy. I had to break free of this cycle of misery and addictive behavior I was in.

But there was a problem:
I didn't have the right knowledge or anyone who would take me by the hand and teach me step-by-step what to do and what to eat.

That meant I wasn't able to see a way out...
And Then Things Got Worse.
I Felt Terrible.
It began when I was hosting my own cooking show on international TV, and now you might be thinking: "What's so bad about that?"

Well, let me paint the picture: It was in Tehran, 45ºC in the shadow. That means it was so hot breathing was hurtful.

Inside my kitchen film-studio we had to turn off the AC because of it's noise and I had to wear full hijab. A long sleeve roller-neck underneath a long jacket and a tight elastic cap that was covering my entire head and was covered by another head scarf that was tucked to the cap.

Wearing all these clothes in that heat I was standing in front of a gas stove with two to three fires burning constantly in addition to film-studio lightning that was creating massive additional heat.

I was using heavy iron cook-ware to cook Persian food that must cook for hours until it's finally devoid of all vital nutrients.

Sweat was running down my spine in abundance but it wasn't showing on my face that was hidden somewhere underneath a ton of film makeup. After each show I had to scrub for hours to wash off this makeup, I would scrub and scrub, seriously, this stuff wasn't coming down.

This work was the hardest job I ever had in my entire life and I had to smile through the whole thing!
Although I was a famous TV host with millions of viewers each week, I wasn't happy.

I couldn't see any sense, no higher purpose in what I was doing.

And although I had many fans who were very grateful that I was teaching them how to prepare complicated and time consuming Persian cuisine in a modern and efficient way, I couldn't find fulfillment in teaching how to cook dead food that has absolutely no advantages for life, the body and anybody's health.

Finally, I hit a wall.

The problem was that this show was using up my last bits of physical energy.
That means that my body, my emotions and my spirit were too exhausted to keep up with hosting a stressful TV show.
But that was my profession, my only source of income!
Then, As If By Chance,
Something Amazing Happened... I started to eat raw vegan food...
That was when I ran into a spiritual coach who told me a secret about healing the body, emotions and the spirit.
Suddenly, it was all crystal clear to me.

I realized how to effortlessly and naturally lose weight and heal every issue I had carried around with me for a lifetime on a quantum level (physical, emotional, mental). I could see that I had found the solution to all my problems.

What surprised me was that I didn't have starve and suffer at all to achieve any goal in regards to achieving health, weight-loss, healing and health.

You just have to abundantly eat raw food instead.

But I was very worried and even a bit scared because I love eating so much and I hate nothing more that bland and boring food and the only raw food I knew how to make were some salads!
So I started looking for all raw food recipes, tools and information that I could find.

This is how I started to eat only raw food.

Suddenly I was losing weight rapidly and got thinner that I had been in my entire life.

This was when I understood that the SECRET to finding a diet or nutrition plan that would finally work for me was to eat raw food for at least a certain period of time.
But After Eating Only Salads For An Entire Year I Was About To Give up...
I Had To Make A Plan...
I began looking for chef schools where I could learn how to make fantastic raw food dishes for those who love to eat and celebrate eating.

So I had to pack, there wasn't a single school on the entire continent I was on.

I had to move to America. That's where I found the source of raw food and veganism.

I moved to LA and took every single raw food and nutrition course I could find, both live and online.

But I quickly realized that the tools and techniques I was being taught were only little amazing and mostly unnecessary time consuming and complicated.
The Worst Part Were The Recipes...
They were mostly bland and boring or just didn't taste good at all! And additional utilized an arsenal of fancy ingredients that were very hard to find.

As a master-chef with my background I knew that this cuisine wasn't sustainable for the average person and modern lifestyles.

See, the reason that got me the job on TV wasn't only that I was a great chef but rather that I have the talent to take complicated recipes and make the accessible for people who aren't great chefs and don't have much time or patience to spend hours in the kitchen just to prepare a meal.

I spent an entire decade perfecting the techniques and recipes of gourmet raw food cuisine, making them easier, faster and extremely delicious.
I Researched And Tried So Many Different Diets Until I Found The Raw Food Lifestyle That Really Made A Huge Difference.
Through studying nutrition for many years directly under the hands of world leading authorities I learned that there isn't a "one-diet-fits-all" solution. Every human's body works differently.

There are so many fine nuances that decide how well you do on a diet or not. I deep dived into countless many aspects of how the body's functions and how food can bring health or cause harm.
The thing is:
Raw food isn't just another diet. It's food. Real food. The original human food.

And there's a scientific reason for why it is the best choice for every single person who wants to be super-healthy (very different from healthy!) and have their dream body.

As long as we don't heat anything above 42ºC we keep the naturally occurring enzymes of raw food alive.

Enzymes are working horse of the body. They keep us young, healthy and strong. If you;re a child of the 80s you might remember Pac-Man, the little creature eating up his enemies. That's kinda how enzymes work in the body. They digest our food and eat up inflammation.
These are the two major factors to slow down aging drastically. The more raw food we consume the longer we live looking fantastic.
And there's even more...
Raw food doesn't mess with blood sugar. 

That's what cooked food does and it leads to increased appetite cravings and fatigue.

I had these problems my whole life without knowing why.

But after eating raw food for only 30 days all these issues disappeared and it was as if I had been gifted a new life. After each meal I felt nourished, completely satisfied and even happy. 

For the fist time I didn't have any more craving for sweets!
People always ask me: " What was the greatest conflict you had to face on your journey to health and happiness?"

Well, there were two great conflict I had to face on my adventures journey to finding optimal health and happiness.

First, it took me almost an entire decade before the raw food recipes were really delicious and easy and fast to create.

In a way that they would be loved by both, health enthusiasts and even those who despite health-food options.

Second, finally finding the truth in a conflicting jungle about food, health and nutrition.
But Seriously, Who Has Time And Patience To Research And Learn This Stuff For An Entire Decade?
In the end I got so frustrated that I decided to write a raw food recipes book, create an online school and hold these courses throughout Europe so that everybody could learn what took me a decade in a matter of just a few days to weeks. 

No matter where in the world you are I have made my tools, techniques and world class recipes accessible to you to help you transform into the best version of yourself.

I decided to name my book "Rawvolutionist" and my online-school "The Rawvolutionist Academy".
They say: "Information is Power", but having the info and not knowing how to implement it is a fool's errand.

So I though if I could create something that would help people get a short-cut to what took me as a master-chef many years and thousands of dollars to achieve, I'd be really happy.
After all these years of researching, studying, testing, writing, and filming while spending every cent I ever made, I am now very proud and fulfilled about my books, my Academy and my live courses that are for every health-conscious human out there who wants to take their life to the next level without having to go through the same trials and errors I had to face.

And now you can utilize this knowledge to create a life-changing experience for yourself, your loved ones and even your clients if your a coach or a chef.
With This Live Course You Can Learn In Just A Few Days What Took Me Many Years And Moving To Another Continent.
Through this long journey I was not only able to lose weight and heal myself physically.

But what happens when you eat a lot of raw food is that it facilitates a quantum healing process.

When you eat raw food for a certain period of time it draws out old energy, and renews your cells. This aids in emotional and mental healing, too.

I am living proof for the powerful transformation that can be achieved through this lifestyle.I am now 41 years old and I look and feel better than ever before. I am super strong, healthy and my skin is so radiant that people ask me what my secret is... I didn't have that in my twenties.
1997. I was 19 years old.
2019. I am 41 years old.
This Is What Happens When You Eat Plenty Of Raw Food
Do you want these results for yourself?

But as I mentioned earlier, the food must be delicious to be successful, right?

Here's the solution you've been looking for....

I present 'Gourmet Raw Food Chef' Level 1 on Ibiza:
Would you like to create artful breakfasts to impress your loved ones or would you like to experiment with superfoods and green smoothies?
The greatest thing about breakfast is we can do it all in one dish!
Raw vegan lunch can be light or hearty and it never fails to make you feel nourished and satisfied.
The body loves that there is a plant based replacement for everyone’s favorite yummy meal!
We love desserts that look like art, taste like heaven and are good for us.
Do I need to say more? Every day please!
Gourmet Raw Food Chef Level 1
Ibiza, 30. & 31. July 2019
Create gourmet raw vegan food that nourishes bodies, elevates spirits, looks absolutely stunning and tastes super delicious.

"I really enjoyed this course. My daughter and I absolutely love these recipes. They taste very good and are so easy to make. I have also lost weight effortlessly. Thank you, Aurora"

Jytte Huttard, Ibiza

"The raw food course was really awesome, inspiring, mind opening, delicious & fun !! Thx Aurora!"

Juliane Davidshofer, Ibiza

"I really enjoyed the course. Life changing, fun and so informative. I can't wait to put it all into practice. You are so knowledgeable with such a unique set of skills, one walks away from that course with full confidence in what they've been taught."

Deirdre O'Gara, Dublin

"I was there last week, it was amazing!!! Raw food by a MASTER! Rom"

Rom Tolk, Amsterdam

"I can highly recommend this course! Thank you Aurora!"

Pauline Boom, Ibiza

“Loved it! For anyone who has a chance to do a raw food course with Aurora Ray… don’t hesitate!”

Oscar De Reiziger, Amsterdam

"Jedes einzelne Gericht schmeckt hervorragend -es sieht auch noch alles wunderschön und einladend aus. Man spürt, wie viel Liebe von Aurora in den Rezepten steckt, aus denen man jede einzelne Zutat heraus schmecken kann. Am liebsten hätte ich Aurora mit nach hause genommen!"

Sabine Bends, München

Alle recipes are 100% raw and vegan.
Are you a foodie?

Are you dreaming of becoming a raw food chef or a holistic nutrition coach?

Are you already a home or professional chef and would like to explore the world of gourmet raw food cuisine?

This course is perfect for you whether you are a beginner or an advanced student.

You are your greatest asset. Dive into the amazing world of raw food and transform into the best version of yourself ever!
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